How Applicable Is Homiletic Training to Bible Teaching?

Very good question. And one that I am studying now.

Very good question. And one that I am studying now.

I have a M.Div with an emphasis in Homiletics, so I have a lot of training in Bible Preaching. But preaching is not the same thing as teaching.

Well in many cases…

Some say they should be the same thing. But there are practical differences.

Roles in Preaching versus Teaching

For example, while I often teach that the sermon has 3 players who are involved. The Spirit, The Congregation, and the Preacher. For example, click here is a post on that subject.

We have the same 3 players in the Bible teaching moment. But the Congregation…or class…plays a more explicit part.

Instead of shouting or interjecting “amen” to say that something is understood, there is explicit answering of questions and making points.

Thus the Bible teacher must find a way to integrate the points and question and answers to questions giving by the class into the overriding presentation.

In addition, the Bible Teacher explicitly asks questions expecting an answer.

Another thing that is different in the Bible Class versus the sermon moment is that the class is expected to have not only read the text of scripture and the lesson, but to have studied it.

Thus the Bible Teacher is more a facilitator than the preacher. The Bible teacher is not giving truth from on high to people who are just listening. No the Bible Teacher is leading the class into the study of the scripture that the class had already taken individually during the week.

There are models for Preachers like the lecturer. But the best teachers we remember from school did more than lecture…they provided examples…they pushed the hearer to interact with the material. what does this mean to a seminary trained preacher who is going to do some Bible Teaching?

My Challenge

Well I think my biggest challenge will be to allow the class its proper role. Not just in answering questions that I have framed in preparation, but in giving the class its role.

I look forward to this challenge…

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