Seeing The Kingdom Perspective

  • Seeing The Kingdom Perspective

Paul tells us that “We are ambassadors of Christ” in 2 Corinthians 5:20.

In this scripture we see our identity and our calling. We see our mission and our duty. We see who we are and what we are to do. All in a short sentence which states, “We are ambassadors of Christ.

What is an Ambassador?

Now an ambassador is one who has ultimate loyalty to a nation, but is then sent by that nation to live in a foreign country and represent its interests as that one lives in another land.

If we are to be ambassadors of Christ, it means first of all that we are citizens of another land.

Paul tells us in Philippians 3:20 that our citizenship is in another land. How are we citizens of that land?

Well when you are born in the United States you become a citizen of the United States. Your birth is your entrance in. There are other ways to become a citizen, but it if by birth that most of us become citizens.

Citizens of the Kingdom

Well we have become a citizens of the Kingdom by birth as well, for the in the same chapter Paul tells us we are a new Creation. We are born again. We have been created into this new kingdom – 2 Corinthians 5:17.

We are changed. And we must be changed to be able to do the work that we are called to do. We cannot be ambassadors of God’s kingdom while having the interests, thoughts, dreams, and hopes of the current kingdom. We cannot have the interests of the kingdom we live in. We can’t use the same arguments as the kingdom we live in. We are from another kingdom.

So after being a citizen, we also represent and speak in the interests of our kingdom. Which ultimately means telling the world in any way possible that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Gods-self. 2 Corinthians 5:18-19.

Our Work

This is our work. Tell the world that God is reconciling the world to himself and I am a witness and an example of that reconciliation. We live to demonstrate and tell the world about that fact.

Yes you go to work, but you are not just waiting for Christ to come back, you are actively seeking to show the world about the reconciliation that comes through Christ.

Yes, we vote, work, live, and even die. But we don’t do these things like citizens of our respective countries, no we do it as representatives and ambassadors of Christ’s kingdom.

Google Defines

When I began thinking about this, I hit Google to find out what the word ambassador means.

Google told me, that an Ambassador is “…an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country.”

A couple of things hit me as I read this. First it is an accredited diplomat. This is just not any diplomat. This is one who has accreditation from the country.

Another interesting point is that the ambassador is sent by the country. They did not come on their own, but they were sent specifically by the other country to this country.

There it is in a nutshell, We are official accredited representatives of God’s Kingdom.

Let us live in light of this fact.

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